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Concert Photography, is it easy?

So, it has been a minute, things get busy, I forget to make time to thank everyone for your likes, comments and photos!! One of my bestphotospot locations is the Ozark Amphitheater, Camdenton Missouri.

Ozarks Amphitheater at Sunset, Concert Season 2022

Photographically speaking it is extremely challenging to make setting changes fast enough to accommodate the conditions. We begin each concert day with gear preparation. Charging batteries, cleaning lenses, and making file settings, creating galleries, and finally gear load out.

One hour prior to gates opening:

We arrive at the Amphitheater, mobile internet setup, mobile power setup, receive special instructions and or credentials, and a quick walk through of the venue looking for any changes or possible highlight locations for shooting.

Fifteen minutes prior to gates opening:

We capture as many of the staff members doing their assigned responsibilities as possible.

Gates Open:

Camera settings to start -jpeg- F4, ISO 200, SS as needed.

The concert guests come through in a bit of a rush. Bathroom breaks often take precedence over photos! We attempt to capture as many groups as possible in fifty-five minutes. It is very rewarding to be adding great value to their concert experience. Some of the guests are reluctant, thinking there is a “catch” or worried we will be trying to sell them something later in the evening. The Ozarks Amphitheater deserves a lot of credit for enhancing the concert experience. 5 Minutes prior to opening act- card download for quick edits- review and posting to social media. (Thank goodness for Michelle!)

Opening Act:

Camera settings to start - Raw-F5.6- SS as needed.

Shoot first three songs from the photo pit, and start the process of capturing those in the VIP sections. After the first three songs- it is time to walk the isles. Starting at the bottom of the venue closest to the pit we move up capturing each couple, group, or individual. It seems like an easy process, however- some are more enthusiastic than others…. On to the upper deck- rinse and repeat... While we attempt to capture all of those attending, it is virtually impossible. Depending of the variable internet speeds Michelle joins the task as soon as possible and we just keep working up and down looking for memorable moments.

Next Act or Headliner:

We shoot first three songs and now its usually getting too dark for effective guest images. Michelle and I work our way to the top of the venue and start the process of gathering aggregate crowd shots. So much of the crowd shots is dependent on available lights from the artist’s light show, making it a timing game. Fireworks, pyrotechnics, streamers, beach balls, and whatever other surprises make this a new challenge at each show.

Pack out:

Back to the studio- download from the vehicle and begin the editing process. Michelle typically has had less time to shoot so she has fewer images, but a solid 4-5 hours of editing and uploading for her and a little more for me (she is better at everything!) and then we wait to see the comments… I love that people spend the time to look at each image, I hear it all the time, “I look to see if there is anyone I know!! I feel we are blessed to have this opportunity; it has increased my ability to adjust quickly and more importantly my ability to quickly build rapport and get pleasing results. What used to take 5-6 minutes demands it is done in 15-20 seconds.

Check out some of our concert pics at and make time to experience a concert at the Ozarks Amphitheater.

To see a list of the gear we use read THE BEST PHOTO SPOT ADVENTURE EQUIPMENT GUIDE


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