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Homer is a small city on Kachemak Bay, on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. A focal point is the Homer Spit, a long strip of land with shops, art galleries, seafood restaurants and beaches.

 Fishing boats dock at its harbor. Galleries also cluster on Pioneer Avenue, near the Pratt Museum, which shows local art and artifacts, including a pioneer cabin. 

Homer Spit

The Homer Spit is a long, narrow finger of land jutting 4.5 miles into Kachemak Bay. Dotted with businesses, the area caters to visitors and provides numerous recreation opportunities, from fishing and beachcombing to shopping and boating.


Mount Augustine Volcano

Augustine Volcano is a stratovolcano in Alaska consisting of a central complex of summit lava domes and flows surrounded by an apron of pyroclastic, lahar, avalanche, and ash deposits. One of the most restless volcanoes in the region, this stunning 4,134-foot cone forms its own five-mile-diameter island in Cook Inlet about 70 miles west of Homer and 170 miles southwest of Anchorage. It has erupted nine times since the 1930s, most recently in 2005-6, with several explosions and a big lava floe down its northern flank.


Homer Spit Overlook 

Small parking area located at top of hill coming into homer on the right. Views of the spit, Saint Augustine and lots of flowers to photograph. 


The Salty Dawg Saloon

The Salty Dawg started out as one of the first cabins built in 1897, soon after Homer became a town site. It served as the first post office, a railroad station, a grocery store, and a coal mining office for twenty years. In 1909 a second building was constructed, and it served as a school house, post office, grocery store. And at one time, it housed three adults and eleven children.

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