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The Strip

The Strip is actually known as the Bagnell Dam Strip. This strip is located just south of the Bagnell Dam and hosts a large load of restaurants, bars, and shopping stores for you to choose from. Several events are held at the strip like Hot Summer Nights, Bikefest, and the Magic Dragon Car Show. 

Best Photo Spot - Information

The Strip is very active in the summer months with events. These events allow some great opportunities to make images they include Hot Summer Nights Car Show, Lake Race Street Party, parades and many more. When there is not an event taking place there are still many opportunities to make great images. There are signs, shops, the lake and Bagnell Dam just to name a few. 

Bagnell Dam

At the end of the strip before you cross the dam pull off to the right and park. From there you can walk down to an observation area where you can see the dam. There is also a turbine in the area that you can walk up to.


Lake Race Street Party 2021

There are several events that take place at the strip Lake Race Street Party was one of them. During this events there are several fast boats on display that are great to photograph.



There are several cute boutiques on the strip and inside they have many treasures to purchase and to capture images of.



All up and down the strip there are cool old signs to capture. Look up and on the sides of buildings you will be surprised how many there are.

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