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Larry R Gale Access

The Larry R. Gale Access is located in Camden County. The Larry R. Gale Access, on the Niangua Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, provides public access and boat launching facilities.The boat launch is lighted and is open all hours on a year-round basis. Facilities include parking for 50 vehicles and boat trailers, a two-lane launching ramp, courtesy docks, disabled-accessible privies, a disabled-accessible fishing dock and disabled-accessible walkways, which connect parking, privies, and other facilities.The Conservation Department purchased 195 acres for the Larry R. Gale Access in 1988. The Access was developed and opened to the public in 1991.

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Best Photo Spot - Information

Bottom of boat ramp

If you walk down the sidewalk to the end of the boat ramp at sunrise and look to your right. There is great opportunity to get an awesome sunrise picture!

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