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Devil's Kitchen Trail

Devil's Kitchen Trail is a natural surface loop trail that takes hikers through managed dry chert woodland and glade communities before entering the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.

Best Photo Spot - Information

Items Needed: Water, good hiking shoes, bug spray!!

bestphotospot - Seward Highway - waterscape.jpg

Intersection of Turkey Pen Hollow Trailhead and Devils Kitchen Trail

When you get to the spot where Devils Kitchen Trail goes off to the right, look to the left and there is a wall of rocks with moss growing on them. This would be a great spot for a close up detail picture of the moss and rocks, a selfie, or a group picture with the rocks as the background.

bestphotospot - Seward Highway - waterscape.jpg

The Cave

Right before you get to Devil's Kitchen you will walk past this cave. When you go around and down the side of the cave you come to a large opening.

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