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Walk Bridge

Located at Public Beach # 2 no wonder it is so popular!!! It is accessible to almost everyone. Great opportunity for reflection photos, beautiful view up the creek, and unobstructed view of the cove. 

*** Attention Professional photographers click here to get the info and application for shooting in Missouri State Parks!

Best Photo Spot - Information

bestphotospot - Seward Highway - waterscape.jpg

Middle of Walk Bridge

Stand in the middle of the walk bridge and have friend or family walk around to the other side of the water to take the picture. If the water is still and the sun is right you can get a great refection. 

bestphotospot - Seward Highway - waterscape.jpg

Running Dogs

We all love pet pictures, there are some great action shots to be had with you pets on the walk bridge. Just call them from one side to the other and capture their enjoyment as they come to you!

bestphotospot - Seward Highway - waterscape.jpg


The walk bridge has great texture and patterns. There are many different sitting poses that can be utilized on the bridge!

bestphotospot - Seward Highway - waterscape.jpg

Under the Bridge

Grab a cute little boat and a camera and either take pictures from the boat or of you in the boat.

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