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The Changing Table

Improving the health and dignity of Mid-Missouri families by providing sustainable access to diapers and period products.

Jessica was looking for a way to give back during the holiday season. She knew food, clothes, and Christmas presents were always a big need this time of year. She also knew many places that helped provide those services. One day as she was buying diapers for her son and it came to her attention that diapers were not covered by any government assistance program. She knew all to well that diapers, a basic need for all babies, were costly. This news was heartbreaking to her. She walked into Hy-Vee in Osage Beach and asked if they would allow her to do a diaper drive so that she could collect diapers for local families in need. She paired up with School of the Osage and Camdenton Parents as Teacher’s groups. In just a short day and a half, joined by several volunteers, they were able to collect over 20,000 diapers.

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